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Natural Child Magazine's November/December 2012 cover

November/December, 2012
Keeping dad involved when you're breastfeeding; pregnant on a wilderness trip and contemplating things to come; a cross-country road trip with baby on board; helping your young child learn how to share; ten gentle alternatives to punishment; benefits of delayed umbilical cord clamping; parenting inspired by the children's book Blueberries for Sal

Natural Child Magazine's September/October 2012 cover

September/October, 2012
Prolonged breastfeeding; barefoot babies; planning and preparing for a home birth that stays at home; fostering your child's spontaneous, independent play; respecting children begins at birth; being a role model who enriches your child's world; arsenic in baby food; environmental toxins and breast milk

Natural Child Magazine's July/August 2012 cover

July/August, 2012
Weight gain in breastfed newborns; music can support fetal and maternal mental health; attachment parenting isn't that far from mainstream; eight reasons not to swaddle your infant; placenta consumption; personal insights while learning to be a gentle parent; infant massage and the benefits of touch

Natural Child Magazine's May/June 2012 cover

May/June, 2012
Fertility issues and prolonged breastfeeding; Breastfeeding:  anytime, anywhere!; Helping the grieving child; the darkness of postpartum depression; turning the tables on a common argument in favor of circumcision; establishing healthy eating habits from a young age; in praise of messy

Natural Child Magazine's March/April 2012 cover

March/April, 2012
Breastfeeding nutrition; the need for breastfeeding support; why it's important to celebrate your toddler's "No!"; how to fit nutritious home-cooked meals into your busy schedule; tips for avoiding the harmful chemicals in your child’s Easter candy basket; plan a stress-free and green family vacation at home with your young family; hiking and other outside activities is healthy, and it also encourages kids to take care of Nature; don't blame the lettuce (or the child) if it doesn’t grow well.

Natural Child Magazine's Jan/Feb 2012 cover

January/February, 2012
The truth about Mommy Brain; elimination communication how-to; advice for breastfeeding moms; unschooling; a close childhood relationship with your mom reaps benefits as an adult; why controlled crying doesn't work; handling unwanted  parenting advice; research says homebirth is safe; your child doesn't need toys to have fun; and more.

Natural Child Magazine's Nov/Dec 2011 cover

November/December, 2011
Advice for breastfeeding moms; enjoy the holiday season while helping your children learn about the values of peace, sharing, and family; colds, flu, and fever can help build your child's immune system; ideas for playing in the snow with your kids; bedtime doesn't have to be stressful; a different way of looking at the work of childbirth; postpartum healing methods from South Asia; what chemicals are your children eating and breathing?; and more.

Natural Child Magazine's Sept/Oct 2011 cover

September/October, 2011
The dangers of mold to infants; the value of outdoor, unstructured play; should children be allowed to play with guns?; herbal care for pregnancy, mothers, and infants; learning from another culture that mothering is a worthwhile job; gently birthing a breech baby without hospital intervention; reviewing books that support home birth and midwifery; and more.

Natural Child Magazine

July/August, 2011
Acupressure for relieving morning sickness and other issues during pregnancy and afterwards; spanking a child can create a bully; organic on a limited budget; trusting our parenting intuition; the effects on children's behavior of polluted food and environments; a water birth at home in a place where it isn't supposed to be an alternative; involving everyone in household chores; a different kind of baby shower; children love to move to music from birth; being in Nature; gardening with kids

Natural Child Magazine

Issue Number One
Understanding sleep patterns during and after pregnancy; eating seafood during pregnancy; home birth midwife shares her passion; sisters support each other while learning to breastfeed; help for nipple pain during early breastfeeding; nurturing the playful mind; helping kids connect with Nature; tantrums: understanding and dealing with a toddler's frustration; eco-friendly and educational traveling in the city with kids; evaluating parenting advice


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