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Contributors' Guidelines

Boy and laptopHere are guidelines for those considering contributing an article to Natural Child Magazine. Please read them carefully prior to contacting us.

Who We Are

Natural Child Magazine is a positive, grounded, open-minded, digital magazine focused on children. It is read by parents who want to explore conscious, environmentally-sound, healthy family life from pregnancy through birth and early childhood. Please go here to learn more about us.

What We Publish

Examples of topics for which we seek submissions include: green living with young children, feeding your child naturally, vegetarian babies, keeping your home free of toxic chemicals that can especially affect the health of pregnant women and infants, connecting young children with Nature, natural childhood remedies, natural family fun and play, non-competitive games, holistic grandparenting, healthy pregnancy, homebirth and other birth stories, breastfeeding issues, babywearing, cosleeping, vaccination pros and cons, circumcision pros and cons, non-coercive parenting, and non-violent communication.

Editorial Style

The length of your article is not as important for a digital magazine as it would be for print. However, we prefer articles of approximately 2,500 words; please discuss length with us prior to writing, if possible.

Since our readers live around the world, our articles need to reflect that. Please avoid using local slang or other terminology, as well as references to specific seasons or weather. Resources, where provided, should be as international in scope as possible.

All articles should directly address our readers and their need for information on the topic of your article. We use gender-neutral language and appreciate our writers structuring their work to avoid referring to all people as "he." If necessary, accepted articles will be edited to reflect this policy. Our articles include both mothers and fathers, and focus on outcomes for children.

Natural Child Magazine adheres to the World Health Organization's International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and do not publish articles about bottle feeding.

While this is not an academic journal and we do not normally publish footnotes, we do require accuracy. Please retain a list of references pertinent to your article, as well as contacts interviewed, in case we request them for fact-checking purposes. We also like to include sidebars with resources for readers who want more information, and appreciate it when writers provide some of those for inclusion.

Remuneration and Copyright

We are unable to pay contributors but will provide you with a one-year subscription and include a description of your business and a website link in the bio that accompanies your article. We are also happy to barter for advertising if appropriate.

We require your permission to publish the article one time in the magazine and to have it appear in that context on our website and in our yearly Annuals, and as part of third-party versions or other compilations of the magazine's articles that are licensed by libraries and other institutions. Writers retain all other rights to their work, and are therefore free to contribute their articles to other magazines or websites without our permission, and to post their work on their own blogs or websites (with a link back to Natural Child Magazine if possible).

We welcome photographs to accompany articles; we require photo releases in order to publish photos of people other than yourself and immediate family. If the subject(s) are not your children, we require written permission from the children's parent or guardian.

How to Query Us

Before you contact us with your article idea, please get a flavor for the magazine by looking at this page, which indexes some of the articles we have published in past issues.

Please query by email with an outline of a specific proposed article and a bit of background about you and your experience with the topic. We appreciate knowing if your article has been published elsewhere – either in print or on the web – in the past, or if you have submitted it elsewhere recently.

If required, your article will be edited for spelling, punctuation, grammar, clarity, space, and consistency with our editorial style. We may change the title. If major renovations are required, your article will be returned to you with suggestions for reworking. Please do not forgot to include a few sentences of biographical material to publish at the end of your article.

Editorial deadlines are the first of December, February, April, June, August, and October.

Contact Wendy Priesnitz, Editor by email:


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