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Natural Child Magazine January/February 2013
Natural Child Magazine
January/February 2013 Issue

Editorial by Wendy Priesnitz
Parenting that fits the [highly sensitive] child.

Breastfed Matters by Michelle Branco
Inverted nipples are not a barrier to breastfeeding.

Don't Ignore Your Mothering Instincts
The importance of Attachment.

Not Necessarily Shy by Suellen Chipman-Brown 
Children who seem shy might be introverts or highly sensitive...and here's how to nurture them.

Is Your Child Sick...or Demonstrating Health? by Dr. Kacie Flegal
When our children have a cold or the flu, the symptoms are a manifestation of immune system health rather than sickness. 

Colds and Flu During Pregnancy
How to protect yourself naturally at a time when your immune system is supressed...and how to decide about the flu shot.

A Sense of Wonder
Helping children spend time in Nature will nurture their sense of wonder (and preserve your own).

Fluoride: Tooth Strengthener or Poison? by Wendy Priesnitz
An overview of the dangers of fluoride for infants and young children, especially from water supplies.

The News Beat
A round-up of the latest news about natural, healthy family living.

The Media Beat
Reviews of films, music and books that support natural parenting.

The Back Page by Lauren McLaughlin
A poem about a mother's bittersweet goodbye to breastfeeding.


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