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Natural Child Magazine September/October 2012
Natural Child Magazine,
September/October 2012 Issue

Breastfed Matters by Michelle Branco
Advice column for breastfeeding moms: Prolonged breastfeeding is unconventional in some circles, and your lack of sleep and support can make it hard to cope with those who don’t approve.

Barefoot Babies by Dr. Kacie Flegal
How keeping little feet in the buff encourages a foundation for optimal brain and nervous system development.

Keeping Your Home Birth At Home by Sarah Clark
What you need to do while planning and preparing for a home birth.

Let's Play! by Wendy Priesnitz
The joys, benefits, and how-to of fostering your child’s spontaneous, independent play.

Respecting Children by Norm Lee
Seven habits for respectful and effective parenting that begins at birth.

Enriching Your Child's World
Being a role model for joy, play, learning, and living.

The News Beat
A round-up of news about arsenic in baby food, the benefits of the family bed, environmental toxins that affect breastfeeding, and more.

The Media Beat
Reviews of films and books that support natural parenting.


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Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier

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