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Breastfed Matters by Michelle Branco
Advice column for breastfeeding moms: Weight gain in breastfed newborns.

Prenatal Stress And How Music Can Help by Elizabeth Collins Cook
Music and music therapy are emerging as the most accessible, safest, and effective means for supporting material and fetal mental and physical health.

Attachment Parenting for Everyone! by Judy Arnall
The principles of attachment parenting aren't really all that far from the mainstream...and they're for all ages.

Eight Reasons Not to Swaddle Your Infant by Wendy Priesnitz
Swaddling can be dangerous to a newborn, and it prevents vital skin-to-skin contact and attachment.

Placenta Consumption by Sarah Clark
The advantages of placenta consumption, how to make it happen, and who can help.

How Necessary a World of Pains and Troubles by Kelly Hogaboom
Learning about oneself while learning how to be a gentle, non-coercive, attached parent

Infant Massage: The Benefits of Touch
How to gently soothe your baby with some simple massage techniques.

The News Beat
A round-up of news about vaccines, breastfeeding, allergies, and circumcision.

The Media Beat
Reviews of films and books that support natural parenting.


Bringing it Home: A Home Business Start-Up Guide for You and Your Family

Green & Healthy Homes

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Life Learning: Lessons from the Educational Frontier

Challenging Assumptions in Education by Wendy Priesnitz

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