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Table of Contents
Natural Child Magazine, March/April 2012

Breastfed Matters
Advice column for breastfeeding moms: Am I getting enough nutrition to feed my baby well?

The Unexpected Journey Within
A formula sample in the mail evokes memories of a first breastfeeding attempt gone wrong.

Celebrate Your Toddler's "NO!"
An important word for asserting a child’s feelings and desires, and the right to have her opinion respected.

Home-Made meals For You and Your Family
How to fit nutritious home-cooked meals into your busy schedule.

Don't Fear the Easter Bunny
Tips for avoiding the harmful chemicals in your child’s Easter candy basket.

Perks of the Staycation
This year, plan a stress-free and green family vacation at home.

Get Outside With Your Kids
Hiking and other outside activities is healthy, and it also encourages kids to take care of Nature.

The Media Beat
Reviews of films, websites, and books that support natural parenting.

The Back Page
Don’t blame the lettuce (or the child) if it doesn’t grow well.

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