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Natural Child Magazine Nov/Dec 2011

Table of Contents
Natural Child Magazine, November/December 2011

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Breastfed Matters
A new advice column for breastfeeding moms.

Simply Celebrating
Enjoy the holiday season while helping your children learn about the values of peace, sharing, and family.

How Illness Can Be Your Child's Friend
Colds, flu, and fever can help build your child's immune system, especially if supported by homeopathy.

Beyond Snowmen
Five unique deas for playing in the snow with your kids that you can plan for now, and are sure to cure winter boredom.

Good Nights
Bedtime doesn't have to be stressful, but it takes patience and selflessness...and a family bed helps.

Painless Birth Unraveled
A different way of looking at the work of childbirth.

Translating Tradition
Borrowing from postpartum healing methods from South Asia.

What Chemicals Are Your Children Eating and Breathing?
Toxic flame retardants are in many household and children's products; here's how to avoid them.

The Media Beat
Reviews of films, websites, and books that support natural parenting and midwifery.

The Back Page
Author and anti-circumcision activist Ashley Montagu's advice to parents.


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