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A free source of information and inspiration about pregnancy, natural birth, home birth, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, cosleeping, gentle discipline, babywearing, natural health care, organics, being in Nature with young children, attachment parenting, greening your home, and many other aspects of conscious parenting. Check back regularly because we're always posting new articles!

green Christmas
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How to Have a Merry Non-Commercial Christmas - Some alternative gifts to will lessen the commercialization of the holiday season. Read more.

dried snacks
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Seven Healthy Dried Snacks for Kids - Avoid feeding your kids supermarket junk food with these healthy dried snacks. Read more.

natural play
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Natural Play: Ditching Fancy Toys for Sticks and Mud - Natural play stimulates senses, engages minds, and develops imaginations. Read more.

successful parenting
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Ten Tools for Success in Parenting and the Rest of Life - What do you do when you’re down, on a day when nothing seems go well? Read more.

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Helping Children to Embody the Spirit of Generosity - Forcing children to share in the hope of teaching them generosity can be harmful. Read more.

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Acupressure During Pregnancy - Acupressure can help help with many issues during pregnancy and childbirth, including nausea. Read more.


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